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The place to get started developing an app for an iOS device is undoubtedly with Xcode, Apple’s mandated IDE for developing code to run on an iPhone or iPad. You can test your code on a virtual or physical iOS device, publish to the App Store, and some other third amazing thing that for some reason I can’t think of right now. In short, Xcode is your friend, whether you like it or not.

Xcode is only available on MacBooks and my MacBook is on order and will arrive in a week (or two!!). I wanted to get started before it arrives, but the Udemy course I’m taking already wants me to jump into Xcode so that’s no help… I decided to turn to an old friend, The idea of the site is pretty simple, it’s just a bunch of coding tutorials. The tutorials are sometimes written in poor English,and occasionally struggle to provide real-world examples. However the lessons are quick, to-the-point and I find the quality is similar to McDonald’s – you don’t go to McDonald’s because it’s the best burger, you go because you know exactly what you’ll get.

I like the simple layout – on the left are all the sections like variables, classes, functions, etc. with the content for the current lesson on the right. I can finish most of the lessons in 15 – 20 minutes, which makes for a great way to break down the whole thing into manageable parts. If I don’t understand something either because of the poor English or poor example, I simply take note and move on. I can always look it up somewhere else later.

Where to Run My Swift Code?

I was left with a major question – where would I run my code? There are a few hackable options, such as Macincloud and Hackintosh, but I wanted something that was quick, free, and wouldn’t have to create an account or sacrifice a physical machine. I stumbled on an awesome site –

It’s REALLY easy to try out Swift code at this site. You simply go to the site, click “Let’s play” and start coding. If you are waiting for your Mac device to arrive and can’t wait to get started (literally), this is a great option. A “hello world” program in Swift is pretty easy, the “import Foundation” statement was already put in there for me:

Happy coding!

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