Getting Started – Android Studio 3.2

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My first goal in getting going with any coding project is to get the basic environment set up, which will be key to the next step – the “Hello World” program. This can be a little trickier than it sounds with some environments, but with Android Studio, it was actually incredibly easy, even on Ubuntu Linux.

In case you’re using Microsoft Windows, the process is the same as Linux except in usual Windows cadence. Head on over to Android Studio Downloads and you’ll find a the Windows installer there.

I currently use Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop, and the Ubuntu Store has the latest version of Android Studio, 3.2. I just searched for “Android Studio” and it came right up:

Ubuntu 18.04 Store search results for “Android Studio”

Installing was as easy as clicking “install”. After it finished, clicking “Launch” put me through some initial prompts:

The cool Android Studio splash screen.

Where I get to a welcome screen:

Select “standard”:

And after a screen on theme and settings verification, I’m done:

The installer goes through some downloading and unzipping:

And I’m finished:

I’m then prompted to start a new project or open an existing one, so I start a new one:

And select “empty activity”:

On the project configuration page the only thing I changed was the language to “Java”, per reasons I listed on my About page:

Once everything loaded (it will take a bit) my interface looked like this:

Next up, Hello World!

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